Reward for contribution to African Breasts

Breast in Africa symbolises women hood and are viewed with pride. Some cover them up whilst some dont cover them up but still the meaning of prestige is the same. Breast are sexual part women in Africa in tribes in central africa they are viewed as fertility. From big balloon and juicy,maddona type, small pointing breast: africa has extravagance and sure beauty of the striking appearance of women and girls in Africa.

One could say that one breast of this artistry can be sexual stimulating. From Cape to Cairo, dark, light women all in their sizes. From big fat women to teen girls, pregnant women all their breast are on tip website.

Every nation in Africa have brought various types of breast they can offer… You can vote the best image on the site. Its amaizing to note that even though most african women traditionally wore nothing to cover their boobs time has changed now, they are jelously covered rare to see regarding the new norms.

In this case a site of a nipple is a joy to watch to some the site is sacred… Women in Africa are absolutetly confident with their make up as women they can breast feed in public. This site will get you closer to Africa. Now you can see the beauty of african woman and girls fluntin their assest like its ordinary, with pride and care. Vote your best breast.

How it works?

Make your photos

Each photo must have bright, sharp subject. Photos can be shot inside or outside. Breasts and nipples must be clearly and easily recognizable. Do not send photos downloaded from internet.

Send photo set to us!

Send photo set using Whatsapp to number +420 604 33 66 12 or to email

Add your contact details

Add your nick name, full name, town and country for sending your money by money transfer service. We keep your information as private and its used only for money transfer.

Wait for accepting photos

We will check your photos and accept those that are made well. Please keep in mind that only quality photos will be accepted. Then we will reply you amount of reward, that we will send you.

Get your money in your country

We send you money by money transfer service as Western Union or other in 7 days. It depends on your country.

How much we pay for photos?

  • USD$5 for first photo with lavel for verification
  • USD$2 for every photo (maximum 49 pcs)
  • We pay USD$103 as maximal reward per month and person. It is 1 photo with label and 49 next photos.


My body and breasts are very beautiful. I received E2060 in 3 days :-)
I sent just 10 picks. Reward came by Money Gram next day.
I use reward from my photos for buying my new clothes. It is very helpful.

How much we already paid?

0 pcs
Total photos received
Reward paid

How first photo with label looks like?

  • We want to be sure, that this photo set was made for us. All photos should be made on same place. If you change place, add one photo with label again.
  • We can use this first photo for propagation, so we pay more for this one.
  • You must show your breasts on photo with label.
  • You can show your face, but it can stay hidden on this photo.

Photo with label

Photo with label

First photo with label is required.

Your privacy

We will not tell anyone about you. Showing your face is optional and it is your choice. Sharing your contact details with us is used only for money transfer. You can choose your nickname that will be shared with photos. By receiving money for photos you agree with sharing your photos online.